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Tips to Follow During the Lawn Mowing Activity



In a big number of homes, you will find a piece of the compound planted with grass where the family spends time relaxing or resting. Trimming of the grass on the lawn is necessary so as to ensure that the home is tidy and presentable. And hence, the lawn mowing activity. As easy as it may sound, there are particulars steps to be followed while carrying out the exercise. The following are a selection of the paramount steps.


Ensure the lawn is stone and debris free.

In order to cut the grass easily, mowers use cutters that turn at very high speeds. If these blades come into contact with stones or debris, two things are likely to happen. First of all, the cutters may snap or suffer damage. Secondly, the knives may launch a trajectory which may injure people or destroy property. Thus the importance of ensuring the lawn is free from stones and debris.


Ensure the grass is upright.

In an occurrence of strong winds or rainfall, the grass may bend, resulting in difficulty of the mower cutter failing to cut the grass. Therefore the homeowner or the person carrying out the mowing should use a besom broom to ensure the grass is upright.


Avoid watering the lawn before mowing.

When water is poured on the lawn, the soil softens. Weight of the mower on the soft soil leaves unpleasant marks the lawn. Water on the leaves also makes them slippery and instead of the blades cutting, they tend to slip. Check out http://lawns-and-more.com/boerne-landscape-construction/ if you need a reliable lawn care company.


Go through your lawn mower.

After making sure that the lawn in perfect condition for mowing, the homeowner or the person carrying out the activity should check the mower to ensure it is in perfect condition. Some of the checks include leaks and loose parts, smooth engine running and oil and fuel checks. The homeowner or the person mowing the lawn should ensure that the cutters are sharp enough to avoid them tearing the leaves instead of cutting.


Gather the cut grass after the grass is mowed.

After the mowing is done, it is necessary to clear the grass from the lawn so as to ensure tidiness of the lawn. The mowed grass can be used for various activities such as mulching and animal feed. In case the lawn is quite extensive, the cut grass can be sold and hence generate cash.


Seek expert service.


In case you have insufficient time or lack the correct tools for mowing, then it is best to call in experts. And coincidentally, there a quite a big number of companies that lender these services. Other lawn services are provided by some companies in their endeavors to make their businesses more marketable.


A way of making lawn mowing easier and more efficient for the home owner is by following the above guidelines. Please check out http://lawns-and-more.com/ if you have questions.